Determined to build and live the life that corresponds to our values, and in love with the beautiful city of Kyoto, it is only natural that our Slow Kyoto project has been set up. First, from intuition: we listened to our hearts and were able to perceive the hidden treasures at the core of traditional Japan without necessarily knowing or understanding them. Then, over time, readings and our stays in Kyoto, we were able to articulate in words what we knew from day one there:
Traditional Japanese culture carries within it a wisdom from which we can draw inspiration on a daily basis to live in simplicity and joy.
So we want to promote it (especially the wabi-sabi aesthetic, the artisanal know-how and Zen philosophy) and share our love for Kyoto. Experience, through our eyes and our sensibility, this traditional Japan that we are in love with. As the seasons go by, we want to invite you to the slow to refocus on the essentials, awaken your senses and creativity, and celebrate the small details of everyday life. We give you the opportunity to take a break. We encourage you to appreciate the simple things and to embellish your daily life. We make you travel anddream.  

Our values:

Living slow, mindfulness, and responsible consumption, crafts and handmade.

Our story:

After living for four months in Kyoto in 2015, we fell in love with the city. Once the capital of Japan for nearly a thousand years, Kyoto leaves no one indifferent, let alone the followers of the wabi-sabi aesthetic, Zen and beauty in general. Sensitive souls and artists be wary, you won’t resist its charm! Since 2015, we have returned twice, to see our friends and visit our favorite places, much like a pilgrimage. But also to deepen our knowledge of the city and Japanese culture. In 2018, we took a big leap into the void: we sold our house in England, where we had lived the last six years, and we moved to Spain with the children, in a small village between sea and mountain. It is from this new base that we write to you!
Alex,creative, dreamy and idealistic, loves all the pretty handmade things that make life fun. She often imagines living six months of the year in an old machiya, sipping green tea in front of a small Zen garden. She develops the content of SlowKyoto, and writes the articles.
Damien,a lifelong travel and photography enthusiast, is officially on sabbatical for another year. He is in charge of the website, the videos and of course all the photos that illustrate this site and our social networks.
Slow Kyoto is a project that combines Alex’s passions for Japanese crafts, aesthetics and culture, as well as for personal development; and Damien’s passions which are photography, travel and technology.

We took this photo at a traditional Japanese hotel (ryokan) on the island of Shikoku in August 2018. Tristan, 8, and Zoe, 2, loved this special stay.

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